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Your camping trip has taken a turn for the worst! You and your friends are out exploring when you find what you thought were salmonberries…

You wake up in a strange forest and have no idea how to get back! The last thing you remember is not feeling well and trying to find your campsite.

Hunt for clues and figure out how to escape the wilderness with nosupplies, before you run out of time! 

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Murder Mystery

There’s been a murder! While attending Lord Harrington’s annual dinner his Lordship leaves the room for a short time and suddenly there is a loud bang! You were the last to see him alive, so suspicion quickly turns to you. The quick-thinking Colonel jumps to conclusions and forces you into Lord Harrington’s study and locks the door behind you while the police are called.

You know you’re not the murderer, but you need to find out who is, where he was killed, and with which murder weapon so you can tell the police when they arrive to arrest you in an hour.

Can you solve the crime before the police arrive?

You have 60 minutes to find out who the real killer is, what room the murder was committed and the weapon they used, before the police arrive and take you away!

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Prison Break

You’ve been wrongfully accused of a crime, and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Your new “home” is a cell that once belonged to an inmate who disappeared without a trace…or did he? Some claim he escaped. Others swear he was murdered by the infamously cruel warden. But no one actually knows… can you escape before you suffer the same fate?